108 Podcast Assignment

Response: This is a podcast I found at www.hipcast.com. The website has hundreds of podcast channels that are made for every interest. The podcast I was drawn to the most was from a channel called Netflix: You Watch It. In Episode 10 the hosts, Lon Harris and Farrell Roth, review movies and shows that are currently streaming on Netflix including”Twin Peaks”, “Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie” and “Our Idiot Brother.” The podcast also includes two additional reviews on television shows from HBO and The Nerdist. Despite the podcast being 45 minutes long, the tactic of having two hosts exchanging dialogue(versus one monologue host) kept me listening. That being said, the hosts seem to have very real opinions which created controversy and made the podcast entertaining.  The hosts compare American Horror Story and other well-known TV shows to the Netflix shows being reviewed which helps to give the listener strong insight. They also gave the names of famous actors and directors in the TV shows and movies which I thought was valuable information to include. At the end of the podcast, the hosts added in queue tips which I thought was a nice touch as well. Also, the music played at the beginning, middle, and end of the podcast added to it a lot. I haven’t come across many forms of media that talk about the current streaming movies and shows on Netflix so I commend the creator on the somewhat original idea.


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