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How can we get more judges to attend NJC courses? Your recommendations

This post was published on Our February Question of the Month asked NJC alumni what their No. 1 suggestion was for getting more judges to attend our courses. The choices were: Lower the cost or increase scholarships Offer different or additional courses Improve courses or instructors Offer courses closer to me Other (please specify) Quality and … Continue reading

Here’s how much trial experience judges think an attorney should have before taking the bench

This post was first published on At least six years, but nearly half of judges think the prerequisite should be 10 years. That’s the verdict from our monthly one-question survey emailed to NJC alumni. Sent out just after Labor Day, this month’s question asked: “How many years of trial experience should an attorney be required … Continue reading

Is judging still an attractive job? It is to one group

This post first appeared on These days you’ll often hear judges raise concerns about crushing dockets, the isolation of the job, being the target of vicious attack ads during election campaigns, negative media accounts, and disrespect and interference from the political branches, among others. On the U.S. News & World Report list of the “100 … Continue reading

What do judges want to ask Nina Totenberg? Here’s what you said.

This post first appeared at December’s Question of the Month was unusual in that it asked our judicial alumni for questions instead of an answer. With the College about to present one of the biggest events in its history – a nonpartisan national symposium for judges and journalists Dec. 13 at the National Press Club in Washington, … Continue reading

DIY Steampunk Costumes

DIY Steampunk Costumes

This post was originally posted here. The premium Steampunk Stroll is almost here and it’s time to get the creative juices flowing. This crawl is special because you can make A LOT of accessories, outfits, and what-have-you from every day knick knacks. Goggles, eye-glasses, vests, corsets, top hats, long coats, lace, and frills all make up … Continue reading